2021 – Energiebewegung, in cooperation with The Guardians, performed a site clearing on the Reichstag in Berlin on Friday, 10 Dec.  Click on the picture to see the video. 2021-  Gathering restrictions came and went in Europe as the waves came and went.  We shifted our focus to form groups to meet in the Astral. 2019 –  In January 2019 our Energiebewegung classes were cancelled.  It became a time of going deeper into personal practice.  In San Jiao we drew down inreasingly higher levels of White Light.  Watching the flow of Energy making up current events without fear, seeing the the time as an opportunity for individual growth.  Skype and Zoom sessions facilitated helping people find the light. 2018 –  As we entered the winter of 2018, no one could have predicted how a Pandemic could change personal freedom, travel, group gatherings and how we interact with each other. 2017 –     Based in Berlin and teach “Dein Eigenes Licht” leading people to direct experience of the Light that they are. 2016-      Based in Berlin and teach Hawaiian and Taoist methods to clear, energize and connect the chakras,                              meridians & energetic body, to connect with the higher self and find the light within. 2015 –     Travel through Europe; Bratislava, Budapest, North Spain, Also put together an on-line Mikkyo course and                     get it operational by the end of the year. 2014 –      Return to Berlin from Tel Aviv and make my first application for a resident permit, which is accepted.                               I work as a consultant, teach Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi Massage and Shamanic Journeying. 2013 –      Spent the winter skiing in the USA and came for two months to Frankfurt and Berlin Germany.  Stayed at the                 Kundalini Yoga Ashram in Pankow during my brief stay and leave Germany in the summer.  Go to study                         AcroYoga in Israel in December for three weeks. 2012 –     I do a meditation in a Lava Tube (cave) 300 meters deep.  No light & no sound for nine days.                                          When I am finished, I receive guidance to go to Europe, and begin in Berlin 2009 – 2012   Teach Bagua, Reiki and Mikkyo at the Yoga Studio in Kelalkekua, Hawaii.  Reiki Lineage pdf