Energiebewegung and all the projects around it, are designed to guide people to find and use their own light within.  We explore and apply Taoist, Hawaiian, Shamanic, Inner and Outer Martial Arts applications for real life, like the one that you are living.  Direct experience and application of your self as the Light.


monkey offers fruit sCAbout Michael

While living in Hawaii 17 years, Michael learned Bagua and , Mikkyō and Reiki in the Dragons Gate Sanctuary, Shingon Temple, Honolulu Hawaii. Michael was also adopted into a Hawaiian Family and learned Ho’o Ponopono, Lokai Treatment, Lomi Lomi Massage and other Hawaiian techniques of Hawaiian Shamanism & Spirituality.         Read more about Michael


gedank stätt PlötzenseeHealing the Land

Began in the summer of applied spirituality, 2015 and continues on.

In 2016 at Gedenkstätte Plötzensee, we connect with the energy of the place and clear the energy of the violence that occurred there.

To read what the participants experienced, go to;           Personal Experiences.



Super croppedBagua

A sister martial art to Tai Chi, Bagua uses smooth, flowing movements to generate spiral energy.  We create measurable energy fields when we “walk circle” in the parks in and around Berlin.






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Mikkyo & Reiki Classes

Mikkyo uses mudras, mantras and mandals to clear, energize and connect the meridians and chakras into one integrated unit.  We then apply Mikkyo and use Reiki to raise the vibration and energy of ourselves, other people and places.


Energetic Art

We use Mikkyo, Reiki, Soffagic sound and earth energies to create Energetic Art that converts the energy of the space it occupies to a higher frequency.






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