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  1. Hi Michael,
    Its been quiet a while since I have taken your great Mikkyo courses and I was wondering if you wou be able to teach us a bit deeper
    for example I know that “Sha” is also used for healing with the corect meditation things like that would be good to learn.
    I think there are in other mudras similar..

    1. Hello Antony, Thank you for checking back in.
      Wow, what a coincidence. I was just doing a meditation with the middle Dan Tien,
      which corresponds to Sha. Spin your Middle Dan Tien (Sha) counterclockwise
      once every 6.6 seconds, or 9 times a minute (it can be rounded up to 10 to start.) The direction of the spinis as seen from above the body (the navel.) So if 1 “ray” of the Dan Tien was at the
      front of the body, it spins towards the left, is at the back of the heart
      center in 3.3 seconds, continues towards the right until it returns back
      to the front of the body in 6.6 seconds.
      Try that and let me know
      what the energy has to teach you.
      And please check out the new training program we have,
      Trust and Transform. You can find more details at:
      Regards, Michael

  2. Hello Michael,
    I hope that you are well. I have a new questions about Mikkyo :

    1/ You have explained an extra step before in which the Mikkyo is used to meditate from a “subtle body”consciousness. Do you have new step to teach us ?

    2/ Could you explain the Kuji Kiri Goshin Ho in which the practicer do the 9 mikkyos mudras along with deities visualisation and kyomon/mantra chant ? The Sanmitsu Kanji Kannen. The intent is to get the full protective powers applied to uncertain time. I hope that you understand the aim of my question.

    3/Also there is the Seishin Teki Kyoyo to relieve stress and attain deeper meditative state. It is said that ancient warrior used it before to go to the battle so modern application could be to use it to put body/mind/spirit into a place of equanimity and peace no matter what happen outside.

    4/last questions : could you help me to practice Mikkyo to invoke the Guardian of the Buddha ( especially Fudo Myo ) ? How to do that using Mikkyo mudra and mantras to invoke them for help/protection/exorcism/cleaning etc ? I know that is much more complex to perform Mikkyo ritual and this is not the purpose.

    Much Peace

  3. Hello Olivier!
    Thank you so much for your interest in Mikkyo and your questions. I especially appreciate and respect that your questions are in English, since I know that is not your first language.
    For Q1- When I first started out, I would hold the mudras and chant the mantras for 5 min for each one, visualizing and FEELING the energy flowing through the specific meridians. And you are correct, it takes at least 45 minutes. I say “at least 45 minutes” because I would sit in silence after the rounds of chanting and listen to the energy….
    A person can also chant the set 108 times. This has special power especially when done over 108 days. Try it and see.
    As mentioned in the Udemy course, each group that used Mikkyo used it in a different way, or to say it another way, there is no wrong way to use Mikkyo (unless you are projecting your energy to hurt others.) As far as our peaceful uses are concerned, there is no “wrong” way to clear and energize your systems. Find what works best and follow your guidance. I provide the “beginners shoes.” It is up to the student to put them on and try.
    Q2- The tongue on the roof of the mouth closes an energetic circuit in the body and enhances the microcosmic orbit making the energy flow easier.

    For an “extra step” in your daily meditation, do the Mikkyo set any way you feel guided to. Then, when you (your meridians & chakras) are fully energized and clear…. Take this “body of light” and place your awareness in the place of the observer….
    “You” disappear. By “you” I mean the ego-mind. Shift your awareness, the point from which you view everything from, to the observer. Done over time, this will allow the smooth flow of Universal energy through your “life.” Life becomes effortless and desires fall away.
    You are invited to use this aspect of Mikkyo to allow enlightenment to open itself to you, or perhaps more correctly stated, the perfect energy that you are to become your waking awareness.
    More later,
    Much peace and love,

  4. Hello Michael,
    I have been away for some time and just ordered all of your udemy courses. In this message I have few questions again for Mikkyo 1 :
    1/How do use mantra given into the course during the mikkyo mudra meditation ? Do you repeat them mentally 108 times or so, do you add some visualization during the mudra posture ? What I do personally is to hold each mudra in sequence from first to nine during 5mn so the whole is 45mn during each mudra I do the visualization given by you about chakra and meridians then I say the name of the mudra until I feel activation done. Here I need your advice because I dont really know if I’m right or wrong.
    2/You put emphasis on the clearing and purification aspect that is great because all the stuck energies are released through this way from within and without then replaced by much higher vibration. What I need to know is how to use the nine mudra to deepen my daily meditation toward spiritual unfoldment, some master use them especially for this task so I ask you here how to do or which process I need to follow ? What I do in my case is to add few step into the daily practice as follow : I know that each mudra work with the meridian ending point of the hands. So I put the tongue on the roof of the mouth It connects the governing vessel and conception vessel meridians forming a closed loop. Then I do deep breathing during few minutes and still holding the tongue on the rooth I do the mudra in sequence as I have said before.

  5. 27 May 2018… Reply for Student’s Email
    Q1- The mudra and mantra for Rin relate to the root chakra and during the meditation for the Kuji-kiri taught in the Mikkyo 1 class, we run energy through the microcosmic orbit during the holding of the Rin mudra and chanting of the mantra, Rin. Running the energy from the root chakra up the back (outside of the spine) over the crown and down the front of the body clears and energizes the microcosmic orbit. Running the energy in the reverse direction leads to enlightenment. Using the meridian clearing of the Rin mudra and mantra is a good preparation for Reiki. Doing the entire set of Kuji-kiri is even better.

    Q2- Doing San Jiao before sleep will help with dream yoga and yoga nidra. Filling the body with light from the source while “awake” helps one keep in contact with the light that makes up all things, even the dream time experience.

    I hope this answers your questions.

  6. Here is a couple of questions from a Student who asked by Email…..27 May, 2018
    “The first question relates to Kuji-Kiri again. Is it possible to modify it for the specific purpose of opening the microcosmic orbit (the governor and conception vessel)? I’m not exactly looking for an entire new system but more of a simple, practical and effective way to add the microcosmic orbit to my reiki practice.

    Secondly, does Shingon, Shugendo or Mikkyo have a direct practice for dream yoga and yoga nidra?”

    1. Hello Jox, thanks for the question.
      You will still cut the Mikkyo Grid the same way, all that changes is the hand your are cutting the Grid with.
      Of course you would use your power hand for the work. That will be the hand you project strongest with.

      Warm Regards, Michael

  7. I am moving another question from email to the blog…
    Question; “Hello. I am a reiki practitioner and I’m hoping I came upon a technique through your site to open all of the eight extraordinary meridians.
    I wanted to know where the original source (the book) of those Kuji-In mudras and their corresponding meridians comes from and where I can learn it? Thanks.”

    Thanks for the question. As mentioned in the post above, the nine mudras & mantras of Mikkyo 1 provide a clearing of the meridians & chakras. They also provide a stronger energetic body which offers protection from lower, negative energies. I am sure you did not mean that you want to walk around “energetically wide open” all the time.
    The original source for the Kuji-in Mudras & meridians is the Ten Chi Shiki lineage as handed down by Sifu Christopher Matsuo in the Shingon Temple, Honolulu. The source for the 8 extra meridians is an excellent e-text by Peter Deadman; “A Manual of Accupunture.” I run these meridians in sequence, while stand in tree stance. Try it for 108 days and let me know your results.

  8. I received an email from a person from Slovenia interested in the 387 mudras. He wanted to know if we teach all 387 mudras here at Energiebewegung.

    The short answer is no.
    The longer answer involves the nine mudras we use in Kuji-kiri. Since before we are born, we humans store trauma in the bodies tissues. Running energy through the meridians, holding the mudra and chanting help to clear these blockages out of the bodily tissues. As we get clearer, our inner dialogue decreases. The clearer we get, the more we are able to learn from the energy it’s self.
    SO, can one collect 387 mudras? Sure. I had books filled with specialty mudras handed down by Sifu Matsuo… I would suggest that one would benefit more from getting clear by using the nine mudras & mantras from Mikkyo 1… When you fully understand how to move the energy and how the nine form a solid base to build on, then go play with all the other mudras… just a suggestion.

  9. Hello Antony, Thank you very much for your question!

    What a coincidence, that you ask about Sacred Art, and this week I am finishing my on-line course on
    DIY Orgonite Energetic Art Workshop.
    In the course, I start with my inspiration, sacred art from the mountain temples in Japan. I will continue this answer in the main-post so that I can post photos of the Taizokai & Kongokai mandalas that we are talking about…..

    See you in the main blog!

    Regards, Michael

  10. Hello Michael,

    I just finished your second Mikkyo course, really great stuff, thanks.
    I remember you saying that if anyone had other ideas for Mikkyo use
    or interests then let you know. Well I have several ideas/ Questions.

    I was wondering if you could say something about the vajra & Bell and
    their use and also the Taizokai & Kongokai Mandals and their use.

    I have two copies of them, and also two large books from India which
    describe them but not the usage.

    Also I would be interested in Mikkyo for personal power, not in a sense
    of gaining power but of building the bodies immune system/ health/ luck etc.

    I hope I don´t overload you with my questions but these have been in my
    head for years till I found someone to ask them….



  11. You are welcome Matthew, I will be posting more about Makka Ho over the weekend… Anything that moves the energy is good!

  12. Does anyone have a Particular Mudra that they find more challenging to hold? For me it is the Toh position. Having large hands can make this tricky, but through time and dedication I know this will become easier.
    Peace and love all

    1. Hello Matthew,

      In my experience teaching classes here in Berlin, the Toh mudra is the one of the set that challenges most people… Keep up the finger yoga and your flexibility will increase..

      Much love and aloha,

  13. Hi Michael,
    Do you know if Mikkyo allow the possibility to do external chi healing like some healing qi gong ? As we use San Jiao it should be possible to store great amount of yuan chi and refine it in order to be able to share it but I’m not an expert into this area so if you have any advice on external chi transmission it will be a great addition as I think that is very important for us to help other being around us with Mikkyo.
    Some Qi Gong master use their own chi so they need to train themselves during many years and have to recharge their chi after each healing session, but I have seen few other who seems to have access very easily to limitless high spiritual chi to do their session and dont need to recharge their physical chi. I dont know if this question is outside of the Mikkyo area but I’m very interested by this healing process. As Mikkyo has deep japan influence, perhaps the answer is to use Reiki but again it is very difficult to find a true lineage with real and strong ability.
    Much Love

    1. Hello Olivier,
      Thank you for the question, sorry for the late reply….
      At this time we are talking about Makka Ho, a series of physical exercises that “work” the meridians in sequence. Doing physical exercises like Tibetian Elemental Chi Kung, Makka Ho, or the 5 Tibetian exercises help force chi through the meridians which help with any energy transmission. When your nerves, meridians and chakras are cleared and energized, it is easier for your (or high spiritual chi) to pass through them.
      In Reiki, we get the mind out of the way and let the “high spiritual chi” energy of the symbol flow through us. In my opinion, this way does not deplete the person, because the healer is not using their personal chi to accomplish the transmission.
      As far as “storing chi” after San Jiao, we always bring the energy back to the lower Dan Tien at the end of the San Jiao session, as that is what the lower Dan Tien is designed for…
      We will have more posted soon about the physical exercises to strengthen the body and it`s systems….

  14. Hello Michael, do you incorporate the use of Makka Ho with your teachings, as a means of further opening Meridian lines?

    1. Hello Matthew,
      Thank you for your question, for our other readers, Makka Ho is;

      “…. exercises used as a self healing technique by allowing the practitioner both sedate and tonify the meridians through specific stretches that were developed to improve the flow of Qi. There is a stretch for each pair of meridians and, as they are based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine, they should be done in the sequence shown (i.e. Metal, Earth, Primary Fire, Water, Secondary Fire, and Wood).”

      I will answer this fully in the main part of the blog, because I can bring in pictures of the meridians there, which I cannot do in this answer-text-box…. please see the blog above….

    1. Hello Matthew and welcome to the blog!

      Congratulations on finishing the on-line Udemy Mikkyo course, which can be found here:


      Once you have completed all the modules, in your Mikkyo course dashboard, you will see a colored trophy, signifying that your certificate of completion is ready for viewing and download. Click on the trophy, download and print.
      Feel free to enjoy the Mikkyo blog, ask questions, and see what other interested students like yourself have asked. And enjoy using Mikkyo to make your life better,
      much love and aloha, Michael

  15. Hello Olivier, Thank you for the detailed question about the deity aspect of the Kuji-kiri and the deities connected with them….
    There are many paths to using the deities, the way you mentioned; “see myself as the deity..” is one of them. You can also begin with San Jiao, Kuji-kiri and then sit comfortably. Begin to chant the long mantra for the deity you wish to gain insight and knowledge from.
    How long does this take? How well do you focus? Lets just say that you chant for 10 minutes, or until you feel that energy, that presence, is in the same space that you are.
    In your mind`s eye, stand in front of the deity, notice in detail its appearance, how it “feels” to stand before them…. Then, step into the deity and let yourself expand out in all directions. At this point the deity begins to communicate with your conscious awareness without the filter / interference of the ego, opinions or even the personality. Pure, direct experience of the deity. Stay in this space as long as you like. When you “come back” to your physical body, take notes on what you experienced and share them here.

    Once you have this “personal, direct experience” of the deity, it is an easy matter to “send” this energy to others. Begin a distance healing with San Jiao, Kuji-Kiri and then cut the Mikkyo grid over the person`s name or picture. Allow the energy of the Deity to pour through you and into the person receiving the remote healing. Seal the healing in with something like Chokurei.

    The stronger your connection with the Deity through the above mentioned meditation, the stronger and faster your remote healing will work. Repeat as you feel necessary and remember, the healing that we send out heals us and the world too.

    Thanks again Olivier!

  16. Hello Michael,
    I hope that you are doing very well. You have write the longer mantra for each hand seal. Ex . Rin On baishiramantaya sowaka. Deity : Tammon-ten

    This kind of practice is very interesting for me as this is a way here to activate the deity ( for example Tammon-Ten) aspect of the Self and each of the longer mantra invoke another deity aspect. So my question is : could you give use the method to use these longer mantras.

    Let me know if I’m right : In my understanding I do the mudra, chant the longer mantra and see myself as the deity ( aspect of my Self – inner mandala- ). In our example Tammon-Ten is a deity who can gives strength so I can affirm : I’m strong in body and mind, I’m master of myself etc…depending on the need. Or I can affirm and activate the mystical aspect of the deity ” I’m the divine diamond”.
    According to your teaching I can invoke the deity aspect first within then later I can project it into people or area to help them. For example using RIN : Protection, security, stability, physical strenght for someone who is weak etc.
    For this example how many times I need to say the mantra and keep the mudra ?

    All the best

  17. Hello Michael,
    Thank you for your advice. It seems to work very well. Could you teach us how to emitting chi or if you prefer how to do external chi transmission healing using Mikkyo ? As we use San Jiao it should be possible to store great quality of yuan chi and refine it in order to be able to share it but I’m not an expert into this area so if you have any advice on external chi transmission it will be a great addition as I think that is very important for us to help other around us with Mikkyo.
    I have seen Chi Gong Master able to be or live all the time into a pool or litteraly limitless ocean of chi, their presence is by itself an healing for environement and other, also they can send great wave of healing qi to people. Have you an idea on how to be a” chi channel” like these Masters ? ( or a training who can lead to such realisation ?).
    Other question : do you work also with sacred geometry and power spot(geobiology ) ?

    Thanks and have a great travel

  18. Hello Olivier and thank you for the question… Right now I am on Sao Miguel Island in the Azores. This is the end of the Michael Ley Line that runs through S. England. I can give a more complete answer when I get back to Berlin.
    The best way to protect yourself against energetic (black magic) attack is to do San Jiao for 10 minutes, Kuji Kiri (Mikkyo mudras &Mantras). This strengthens your energetic body to protect yourself. Then do the “Toh technique” to return negative energy to its source.
    Details for the Toh technique can be found at the top of the Mikkyo Blog..
    I will go into more detail when I get back to my Berlin base.
    Much love and aloha, Michael

  19. Dear Michael,
    I’m very grateful for your help and advice. I wish to add another very important question : how to stop or neutralize a black magic attack from any kind ? Just to give you a better idea of what I have in mind : I dont want to enter into magical war or anything like that, only to heal myself or someone else from magical attack and find a way to be protected all the time from new attack. I think that many people will be happy to learn more on this subject.
    Blessings to you

  20. Hello Oliver, Thank you for the new series of good questions…. lets take the first one about healing.
    -Disclaimer- Michael Goddard and this blog do not offer medical advice. If you think you need medical advice, go get it.-
    Starting with San Jiao, we flood the body with divine light, connect the three Dan Tien and ground ourselves energetically with the earth. Through San Jiao we become the energetic connection between heaven and earth.
    When we do the Kuji-kiri, the Mikkyo mudras and mantras, we run energy through the chakras, meridians and nerves.
    It has been suggested that all illnesses begin in the body as an energy imbalance. San Jiao and Kuji-kiri gently work to bring the balance back and then take the body and all systems in the body to robust health…..
    So, to see results with San Jiao, do it for 30 minutes every morning, combined with deep breathing. Then run energy through the meridians in sequence with the Kuji-kiri for 15 minutes. Try this for a month and see what improvements the life force can bring into your life…..

  21. Dear Michael,
    I have 3 questions for you to expand my practice of Mikkyo through 3 areas of practice :

    Healing :How to use Mikkyo to heal illness within the body of ourselves and others ?Also for heavy medication like immunosuppressive drug, how I can use Mikkyo to stop or neutralize the side effect or at least to help the body to keep balance.

    Spiritual : How to use Mikkyo to help meditation and attain inner silence as this is the key to attain deeper level ?

    Occult :I have read many story about Mikkyo and the occult powers who come with it .Here I would like to know if we can attain them through our practice and used to help others and ourselves. I consider only the positive side of them and I know that some people could use them to harm or kill but this is real for any other spiritual practice at some different levels..

  22. Thank you for this great answer. From your message and my research, I understand that Fudo Myo Lead us directly to the center of the Divine Self represented by Dainichi Nyorai into the Mikkyo mandala. In my own understanding one of the secret of Mikkyo is to lead us into our Inner Sun Space or Self ( the cleaning process stages seems represented by the Myo Deities) and be finally merged here all the time ( knowing that I am a part of all and at same time all is part of me).
    As the Myos are teachers/ king of mystical knowledge, how can I invoke them through Mikkyo to get their help and energies ? I think that is a very important question regarding Mikkyo but at same time difficult as we are not monk and cant do the very complicated rituals of Mikkyo. So there is a simple way to invoke them and perhaps doing a sort of inner daily meditation in which we try to be link to them during daily life activity ? A kind of meditation in action ?
    Thank you

  23. on Jun 26 Olivier asked; “the fire dragon seems to ascent around the sword. In my opinion this is a clear symbol of the kundalini raising and when it reach the crown area we become like Fudo Myo as we are able to attain the Truth without any illusion ….. I would like to know if there is a way to raise kundalini safely using Mikkyo?”

    Thanks for the comment and question Olivier… All the sacred and energetic paintings and statutes are one aspect of the light. As powerful as some are, they can only represent just one small aspect of the whole light… Having said that, we notice with the Kuri-kara, the flaming sword of Fudo-myo, either a sword with a flaming dragaon, or a flaming sword with a dragon (in Japan there are many different ways this was depicted). To me, what came first was the sword. That means the spiritual practice of bringing the light down into the human body, standing in a column of light… this is the same light our ego-mind used to create the illusions and patterns that run our behavior and daily lives. As this light pour in through spiritual practices such as San Jiao, the illusions and patterns begin to dissolve… It is in this state, where the Mikkyo-practitioner begins to see beyond the ego-mind illusions and patterns that they begin to see the “world” for what it is… the creation of their ego-mind…

    From this vantage point, the sleeping “Fire-Dragon” can awake and the rising of the kundalini becomes a spontaneous occurance…. How long does this take? That is determined by how attached one is to their ego-mind created illusions…

    Next part of Olivier`s question-
    “I would like to know if there is a way to raise kundalini safely using Mikkyo?”
    I do not have the details behind the stories about people who went mad by raising their kundalini “too soon”, so I cannot comment on that. I was witness to 1 person who had their 3rd eye forced open by a Master… after one week of being able to “see” creatures from other dimensions as if they were in this dimension, the person begged to have their 3rd eye closed again.
    What I would say is, clear yourself first. Use San Jiao, stand in, live in, the light. Doing this step first will connect one with the light… the light from which everything is made. Everything in this dimension and all others. Once one has this “Knowing I am part of the All”, then other aspects of reality can hold no fear for you….. Get Clear first, then every thing will fall into its place by its self, including the raising of the kundalini.

    Thank you Olivier for the interesting questions, and continue walking in the light…
    I am Michael

  24. Great news for those living in Berlin and interested in getting into Mikkyo 1 to strengthen their energetic body and deepen their inner peace…
    We will be holding a Mikkyo 1 class at WerderStr. 18, Tempelhof, 12105 Berlin….. that is short walk from the U6 UllsteinStr Bahnhof. Class is Saturday, 15 July 2017 and starts at 10:00 and goes till 17:00… lunch included!

  25. Thank you Michael for your great answer who will keep me busy for long time. I wish to add something else.Regarding Kurikara, the sword is also a symbol of the inner dragon, you can see this aspect into various statue and paintings especially when the sword is standing alone, the fire dragon seems to ascent around the sword. In my opinion this is a clear symbol of the kundalini raising and when it reach the crown area we become like Fudo Myo as we are able to attain the Truth without any illusion ( as the brain area is enlightened by the kundalini) so I would like to know if there is a way to raise kundalini safely using Mikkyo.
    With deep gratitude

  26. The 6th of June Olivier asked;
    “Could you make a video or pdf about San Jiao process ?”
    Well, a pdf is faster. See the link Here….
    As the Weather in Berlin is supposed to be good in Berlin this week, I will get a short video made with some extra details…”
    Olivier also asked;
    “About more esoteric approach, how to practice with Kurikara as a spiritual tool ?”
    Thank you Olivier.
    I assume you meant Kurikara, the sword of FudoMyo, the protector of the Buddha…
    Kurikara is the double edged sword of wisdom that cuts through ignorance that FudoMyo holds in his right hand along with the rope he holds in his left hand. The rope is used to bind those still slave to their violent and passionate natures.
    How have we use the Kurikara as a spiritual tool? The Sword-hand mudra is our personal Kurikara…. it is with the Sword-hand mudra that we cut the First Mikkyo Grid that binds the dark and stagnate energies when we clear places. It is also our personal Kurikara (Sword-hand mudra) that cuts the second Mikkyo Grid to project the Reiki or other high-vibrational symbol into to hold the place clear. This is the first and obvious use of the Kurikara.

    Another use of the Kurikara is in advanced Shamanic Journey…. when the person in trance encounters something along the journey that they do not know how to deal with, that scares them, then we use our Kurikara (Sword-hand mudra) to cut or stab into the 3rd eye of the frightful entity to subdue it…
    Because these “frightful entites” are usually creations of the person on the journey, we just subdue the entity and through dialog come to the understanding the the entity leaves the person in peace.
    This is an advanced technique and very effective against any dark energies encountered while in trance.

    Thanks for the question, Olivier, more soon!
    From a place of love and light, Michael

  27. Olivier asked; “2/I wish to use Mikkyo as tool for enlightenment, I know that is not an easy task and great dedication are needed. But what is the method ? Do I need to keep each mudra very long time and try to keep silence within ?”

    Thank your Olivier for the question… I will start with a re-post from15 März 2017
    San Jiao- Once the practitioner is familiar with the San Jiao exercise as described here, we can take another step. Complete the “draw down” portion of the San Jiao. When drawing up from the pool of accumulated Source/ Earth/ Self energy under the feet, direct the energy up through the body, through the three Dan Tien, out the crown chakra and back to the source. Reconnect with Source Energy for the same length of time that you drew down from it. Then allow your conscious awareness to go into the Source Energy with the energy you are sending to it. Stand there, eyes closed, hold the “Zai” hand mudra overhead, relax and let the Source Energy / Light communicate directly into your conscious awareness. When you are finished, return your conscious awareness to your body and record what you experienced.
    This is a great exercise to expand your consciousness, increase your intuition, see beyond illusions and calm your mind.
    Once you have re-connected with source in this manner, the Kuji-in (9 mudras & mantras) use this high frequency source energy to clear, energize and connect the meridians, chakras & energetic body.
    Here I like to take my time and lead a globe of source energy through each of the meridians as I hold the mudra and chant the mantra. This has a more energizing effect when compared to doing Kuji-in alone.7
    Then mind shuts down to outside distractions and our mental “to-do list” when engaged in connecting to, and leading Source Energy throughout the meridians and body.
    Some of the benefits of this practice include increased intuition and seeing more clearly through “Maya”, the illusion of duality. Having just connected with the Source, it is easier to see that all is one. Diligence in practice can take one very far down the path to enlightenment.
    More next week!

  28. Hi Michael,
    Thank you to give us the opportunity to learn more about deeper side of Mikkyo, yes one answer per week is great. About the last question I need to be more specific. When I ask a more esoteric approach of Kurikara I mean the remover of all illusion and at same time I see it as the mikkyo way to the true nature of kundalini. When kundalini attain sahasrara, the veil of maya is removed and at same time all the brain neuron are activated so the seeker can attain the truth. Kurikara and Fudo Myo seem to be a very important aspect of Mikkyo as both of them cut the illusion at all levels and as you know when the illusion is removed we can attain the non distorded reality, this is in my opinion the genuine enlightenment.
    But this is only words and mental understanding, we need your help to know how to practice and been empowered by Fudo Myo and Kurikara. As the negativity can be seen as something who is not the true Self, I think that such practice could be an invaluable tool as spiritual practice but also as a remover of obstacle, issue, problem and stagnation into daily life.

  29. Hello Olivier,
    Thank you for you questions. How about I answer 1 per week? Lets start with using Mikkyo to protect someone / something / someplace after a clearing process against negative energies.
    To begin the Mikkyo place clearing process, we use San Jiao to draw in Source Energy. We then use the mudras & mantras to clear, energize and connect the chakras, meridians and energetic body… This keeps negative energies out of our physical and energetic body. Then we call the negative energies into 1 place and cut the Mikkyo Grid over them. The bundle of negativity is then sent to the Source to continue its evolution and leave us in peace. HOWEVER, this creates an energetic hole where the negative energies used to “be”. Unless this hole is filled, something of a similar negativity (or worse) will be attracted into the hole.
    We cut the second Mikkyo Grid and project Reiki or other high energy / sacred symbols into the grid to fill the hole.
    AND it is also advised to have something in the room to “hold the space”. Energetic Art, like paintings of the Flower of Life, statues of Buddha, Orgonite Pyramids, Reiki Symbols, any representation of a high frequency nature. This “Sacred Space Holder” helps to keep negative energies from re-entering the place after the clearing process.
    Also helpful in keeping places clear are occasional smudging with white sage or other incense. In Hawaii we would take a wooden bowl with sea water (or salt water) walk through the room chanting and splashing the salt water all over with a Ti leaf (not too many Ti plants in Berlin tho…)
    Next week I will talk about Mikkyo as a pathway to enlightenment…

  30. Greetings Michael,
    The us of Mikkyo to heal and clear is really wonderful. I have few questions and I think that response is not easy especially into a blog. I’m sorry for that but at same time I think that it can healp many people on the path.

    1/ Could you teach on how to use Mikkyo to protect someone or something, a place etc ( after clearing process) against negative energies ?

    2/I wish to use Mikkyo as tool for enlightenment, I know that is not an easy task and great dedication are needed. But what is the method ? Do I need to keep each mudra very long time and try to keep silence within ?

    3/Could you make a video or pdf about San Jiao process ?

    4/About more esoteric approach, how to practice with Kurikara as a spiritual tool ?

  31. Good news, I got front of (and behind) the camera to explain the energetic depth and details of the Toh Technique from the Mikkyo class. Check out the video that will be a small part of the upcoming Mikkyo 2 class and is an advanced application of a strong energetic field….Easy to understand and follow..
    This is the “magic trick” we use to return people`s energy to them.

    Another Announcement: This month marks the beginning of our use of Mikkyo in Berlin to clear commercial spaces. The same energetic Taoist techniques we use to clear Prison Camps and Mass Graves is very effective in clearing dark and stuck energy out of our living and work spaces.
    We can energetically clear spaces for you or provide guidance and teaching on how to clear areas for yourself.
    Please contact Michael for complete confidentiality, solid results and more details on how we can help you.

    1. Thanks for the question David… the San Jiao is a form of high-energy Qi-Gong…. we begin where we are at energetically, and begin to step up the amount of source energy that the human body is capable of handling… Along the way, patterns stored in the sub-conscious begin to weaken and dissolve as the energy flow increases…

  32. 8uhr morgens mit 4grad Lufttemperatur schwimmen gehen ist wohl das tollkühnste, dass ich mir seit längerem getraut hab
    Super erfrischt mit San Jiao am Wasser geht es jetzt mit dreifacher Sonne in den Tag
    Danke Michael Goddard für das Weitergeben von San Jiao. Die Sonnenarbeit ist wirklich intensiv gut tuend für mich.

    Euch einen ebenso lichten oder lunaren Montag für euch

    1. Thanks for the San Jiao question David. San Jiao is THE source. When we draw down energy from “the Source”, that source is the source of all. Ki, the Reiki energies, positive, negative, all. It is very useful during San Jiao to direct the source energy through the 3 Dan Tien and also direct the energy through the ego and all unconscious patterns stored in the body. This helps to dissolve the ego and unconscious patterns that can run our behavior. With out patterns and ego, stepping into the light that we are become easier and easier….

  33. Goddard Sensei, Mina San,

    Hello, my name is David Somers, from the Tampa Bay Area of Florida. I am an ordained Buddhist minister, Reiki practitioner, and a lifelong practitioner of various Budo – martial ways.
    I’d like to find out, Goddard Sensei, if you are planning on doing a course on Kaji? From what I understand Kaji is a healing art taught within the Mikkyo tradition of Shingon Bukkyoto, ne?
    The reason I am so interested in Buddhism, Mikkyo and the healing arts, as that at one time Budo, the healing, and spiritual were taught as one. Not many Dojo teach that way anymore. It is in my hopes to bring them all back together, as one, as they should be, in my opinion, atleast.
    Thank you Goddard Sensei, for bringing these valuable teachings to the forefront, making them accessible to all who wish to learn. It is appreciated very much! Domo Arigato Gozaimashita, Sensei!

    David Somers

  34. Goddard Sensei, Mina San,

    Hello, my name is David Somers, from the Tampa Bay Area of Florida. I am an ordained Buddhist minister, Reiki practitioner, and a lifelong practitioner of various Budo – martial ways.
    I’d like to find out, Goddard Sensei, if you are planning on doing a course on Kaji? From what I understand Kaji is a healing art taught within the Mikkyo tradition of Shingon Bukkyoto, ne?
    The reason I am so interested in Buddhism, Mikkyo and the healing arts, as that at one time Budo, the healing, and spiritual were taught as one. Not many Dojo teach that way anymore. It is in my hopes to bring them all back together, as one, as they should be, in my opinion, atleast.
    Thank you Goddard Sensei, for bringing these valuable teachings to the forefront, making them accessible to all who wish to learn. It is appreciated very much! Domo Arigato Gozaimashita, Sensei!

    David Somers

  35. Just a note about the DIY Energetic Art Workshop coming up 29th April 2017… We use Mikkyo to anchor high energy into the art as it is being made…. One of the many practical uses of Mikkyo !

  36. Hi Michael! Ich hab gelesen, dass Mikkyo mit Ninjas zu tun hat – kannst du dazu mehr erzählen? Danke und liebe Grüße, Rike

  37. Michael, you said that in these Mikkyo classes, we just focus on healing ourselves, others and the land in the Mikkyo… and that we don’t examine the deeper meanings of the mudras and mantras at this time. Can you give us some more detail on the mudras and mantras in the blog?

  38. Hey Michael, I have seen the website and was wondering how the San Jiao works and why / how it helps build up the energetic body..? Thanks

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