Diamond Package

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Premium 6 months of online coaching

This is your invitation to join me on a six-month journey to who you really are. The Diamond Package is for the person ready to step into their full power and realize life in alignment with their true purpose on earth.  For six months, you will receive 1, one-hour session per week, invitations to private group sessions, and free access to all public sessions.  In our 1:1 sessions, you will get my full attention, energy, years of experience, and expertise.  At the end of six months, you will be in your full power, ready and confident to guide and initiate and guide others to the Mikkyo Energies and use San Jiao to reach and maintain levels of personal power previously unobtainable.

At the beginning 1:1, later group sessions


1. How to use a Pendulum

2. San Jiao 1 – explanation.

3. San Jiao 2 – Demonstration

4. Energetic Relationship Healing, Basic.

5. Audio – “I attract positivity with my winning mindset.” For mornings.

6. Video – “I Identify My Patterns”

7. Audio – “My Intuition Guides Me.”

8. Energetic Healing with your Patterns, Feelings, and Places.

9. Circle Walking / Step Into the Light

10. Applying Aka Cords and Source Power.

11. Use Aka Cords to pull in clients.

12. Training to be a trainer.

13. Learn to project your Astral body and run the energy circle.

14.  Group online meditations with a chance to interact with other students.

Transmissions for the Mikkyo energies

Access to the enriched Udemy Videos.

My Energy Journal with pages for 6 months and details in the back of the book and links to the online videos.