Private Sessions

We are pleased to announce that Michael will be offeringGoogle map to Werder Str. 18 private healing sessions at his praxis at Werder Str. 18 in Tempelhof, Berlin 12105 near the U6 UllsteinStr. Ubahn station.

The different sessions offered consist of; Hawaiian culturally based problem and conflict resolution, Taoist energy work (Mikkyo), Reiki and Shamanic Journeying.  You can expect these sessions to; resolve your conflicts with other people, reduce stress in your life, answer questions you may have about your past lives and help you program your future.

We also schedule Sessions via Skype and Zoom.  Contact Michael for more details.

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Hawaiian Ho’o Ponopono is a peaceful method to achieve conflict resolution with other people, even though they are not present.  A session consists of talking about the problem(s) one is experiencing with another person, how the conflict makes one feel, if one is ready to let go and forgive the other person, and to accept their forgiveness.  Ho’o Ponopono is about total forgiveness granted and received.  Michael learned and taught Ho’o Ponopono in Hawaii.

Mikkyo and Reiki sessions consist of using Taoist Mikkyo to remove stuck energy from the body tissues using chants, mudras and accupunture points.  Once the heavy / stuck / negative energy has been removed from the body, Reiki is used to “fill in” the area in the body where the stuck energy was.  This keeps low vibrational energies from filling in the energetic hole made by the removal of the stuck energy.  Michael is 5th generation Usui Reiki Master and Karuna Reki Master through the Dragon’s Gate Sanctuary, Shingon Temple, Honolulu Hawaii.  Reiki Transmissions, Reiki and Mikkyo classes are available on request.

Shamanic Journeying is useful in resolving inner conflict, soul fragment retrieval, Past Life issues and exploration.  Sometimes challenges that we face in this reality have their roots in past lives, karma and trauma handed down with the DNA.  Shamanic Journeying is a powerful tool in getting to the roots of problems so that they can be released, leaving one free in this lifetime to enjoy optimal health and happiness.  Meet your future successful self during a journey and find out how to program your future. Michael learned Hawaiian Shamanic Journeying from Kahuna Mark Saito.  He is also a Master Hypnotist, NLP Master Practitioner and has been teaching Shamanic Journeying in Hawaii, the USA and Europe.

These sessions are not meant to be, or to replace, medical or psychological therapy.  If you feel you need medical or psychological help then contact a licensed professional.