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On this blog we will write about our experiences in the frame of the Energie Bewegungs “Healing the Land” Projects. Here’s the short summary what this is about:

Das Energie Bewegungs Projekt is an exercise in applied spirituality being carried out by Michael Goddard and his students. They study and connect to energetic places in Germany and apply changes where necessary to heal the land using Hawaiian and Taoist techniques. ‘To heal the land’ means to remove man- made energetic influences that keep people from feeling comfortable on the land.

More information, view the “Healing The Land” videos listed below.  Check out this blog for updates on our field trips! Feel free to bookmark, comment and post to social media and spread via mail. Thanks for reading.

Healing the Land, Sachsenhausen

Healing the Land, Hirzenhein

Healing the Land, Gleis 17

What is the purpose of Healing the Land?

I teach classes in energy movement that I learned from many sources while living in Hawaii. The purpose of teaching these classes is to share what I have learned from my Masters, Kumu, Kahu and Kahuna, both Japanese and Hawaiian. The work I do helps people strengthen themselves, both energetically and physically, and can end suffering for souls stuck here after death. I see this sharing as my part of doing something worthwhile in the world.

During the classes we held at Spirit Berlin, we used the Mikkyo clearing technique first on ourselves, then on others. Finally we applied Mikkyo on the land and places. Within ourselves, we use Mikkyo to gain clarity and strength, with others we use it to remove blockages and stuck energy in the body. With the land we use it to find lost souls and end their suffering by showing them to the light which assists them in their spiritual evolution and makes the land easier to be on for the living.

Given enough time, land heals its self. Thousands of years of wind, rain, erosion, glacier movement and sun clean places of stuck energy and lost souls naturally. Land and place have a very different sense of time than we humans.

Due to our shorter time spans, it is often necessary or desirable to energetically clear buildings and places where atrocities have occurred so we can live there, in the area in peace.


Why start in Sachsenhausen?

As an end to a three month Bagua & MIkkyo class that I taught in Spirit Berlin, I wanted to hold a practical application of energy movement and spirituality somewhere close by. We chose the site of the concentration camp, Sachsenhausen Memorial in Oranienburg, 50 minutes north of Berlin.

Outside of the main Sachsenhausen Memorial, is a mass grave holding 7,000 Germans who died in the camp when the Russians took over Sachsenhausen after World War Two.  “Special Camp 7”.

You pass out of the Memorial through a one-way gate. Thirty meters down the path is a short gate leading to the smaller monument, a stone marker, large cross and some benches.

Once there, I sat on the bench, took some pictures and began to scan the energy of the place.

Imagine; you are an ethnic German, you manage to survive six horrible years of war that ends with the bombing of Berlin. Instead of enjoying the freedom from fear and terror that the Nazi government had established over its own citizens and all of Europe, you are arrested and held without trial or charges by the Soviet occupying forces. It is estimated that 60,000 Germans were imprisoned in Sachsenhausen and 12,000 died there from starvation and disease.
That hit me pretty hard, trying to imagine surviving a long, terrible war, thinking; “Gott sei Dank, dass es vorbei ist!” (Thank God thats over!) Only to be arrested with no charges, no trial, no escape, no hope…

Tragedy is not unique to Europe. There is also much blood, sadness and darkness in the history of Hawaii, where I lived for 17 years. Hundreds of years ago, the ruling elite; “Allii,” would have prisoners put to death slowly at each of the four corners of the stone monuments known as “Heiaus.” The purpose was to energetically anchor their power and rule over the common people with blood of their victims and fear. Friends of mine took on the task of freeing the souls trapped in the heiaus in Waipio valley and helped change, for the better, the energy and feeling of the entire place. Their work enabled the trapped souls go to the light to continue their evolution and helped those living in the valley feel more at ease in their own home. They serve as my inspiration and model in my work here.

We all felt the heaviness as we passed through the center of the Memorial. Once near the site, we did an exercise to raise our personal vibration and strengthen the energetic fields of our bodies.

The Mikkyo we did clears, energizes and connects the chakras and meridians of the human body and helps to clear and focus the mind.

We went back to the black stone monument which had written on it; “Until there are no more left behind…..Bis nichts mehr zurückbleibt” The very reason that we were there.

Using a Hawaiian technique, we sent love, respect and compassion into the grave site. Then came the work of calling the remaining souls to the black stone monument for their journey to the light. Once they had passed on, a silence seemed to descend upon the land… Then the sun came out as we sent high vibrational sacred symbols into the grave. This is done to ‘fill’ the energetic space created by the exit of the souls…

When one visits the concentration camp memorial sites, it is easy to be weighted down by the heavy energy and history of brutality by the Nazi government, the SS and Gestapo against the innocent. It is a pity that many of the stories of compassion and caring exhibited by prisoners died in the camps with the inmates.

It is important to have places like Sachsenhausen Memorial to serve as reminders not to let the few lead the many astray.

When humans can treat themselves and others with love and compassion, then there will be no need to energetically clean places.

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