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How to find and use Ley lines and Places of Power

How to find and use Ley Lines and Places of Power.

Since pre-historic times, man & women have been able to tune into the energy meridians of the earth called Ley lines and to find and use places where abundant earth energy exists.


Geomantie ist die Kunst, Lebensräume nach den Bedprfnissen der menschlichen Seele im Einklang mit der Ortskraft zu gestalten.  „Geo“ = Erde und „Mantik“ = Interpretationskunst zusammen.  (Heiliger Raum, S. 11)

How to find Ley lines and Places of Power

Stone Markers

In Hawaii the ancients had ways to find places of power and would build Heiaus (stone temples) on them.  One of my favorites is Hikiau Heiau on Big Island Hawaii.   I have personally been to the Medicine Heiau on Oahu, visited a few of the Heiaus in Waipio Valley and done some clearing there.

Since the Hawaiians consider Heiaus sacred, elaborate rituals on Heiaus might not be welcome.  It is always appropriate to make a small Ho’o Kupu and respectively leave it with a prayer.

Papa K

When you have found a Heiau, you have found a power spot.

In Europe, ancient man (megalithic man) would identify places of power, like Stonehenge & Avebury with stone markers and recognize earth power at natural stone formations like Externsteine in Germany.