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Energetic Art, how we make it and use it

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Video on Effect of Orgonite with WiFi energy

Agapa Zoe #20- Sept 14 & 15 2019

31 July 2018 Druidenhain Keltic SonneKult   Der Druidenhain liegt in 458 Höhe auf der Hochfläche der Fränkischen Schweiz.

02 Jan 2018-  Sächsischen Schweiz, Königstein & Barbarine

On this trip, we collected elements from nature to use in making Orgonite.

28 Oct 2017

We are really happy to announce our new Udemy online course “DIY Orgonite Energetic Art”.  It covers the history, how we make energetic art and how we use it to keep our living spaces clear from WiFi and energetic pollution…

Check it out here:  Udemy DIY Orgonite Energetic Art



DIY Energetic Art Pendant Workshop

Just in time for Christmas, we have a workshop where you can make 2 pendants or 2 „Pocket Pieces“ of Orgonite Energetic Art.

This is a brief introduction to Orgonite Energetic Art, how to make it and use it.

A pocket piece of orgonite is, for example, an (approximately) 3 cm square at the base mini-pyramid…Or one of the many other forms we have available, like cubes or pendulums…. That will fit in your pocket.

Sunday, Nov 26th. 11am to 14:00 at WerderStr 18, Tempelhof 12105 Berlin near the U6 Ullstein Str. Bahnhof.


Siehe deutsch weiter unten
You are invited to come to WerderStr. 18, Tempelhof, 12105
Berlin Saturday 27 May between 12:00 noon and 16:00 to
learn about Orgonite devices, tour the workshop to see how
they are made, speak with the Artist, and experience the life-supporting power these sustainable devices give off.

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a friend or yourself? Are you interested in spiritual art? Are you concerned about energy pollution from WiFi, computers, and other electrical devices? Do you have no idea what Orgonite is and how an Orgonite Device can help keep your environment clean?

Just let us know when you plan to drop by, bring a friend and enjoy snacks & Tea.
For more information about the Orgonite Art, please see:
Contact Michael at:
Orgon-Kunst Open House

Du bist eingeladen! Mach dich auf den Weg:
Werderstraße 18,
Samstag, 27, May
12-16 Uhr
Lerne etwas über Orgonobjekte , schau dir an wie sie hergestellt werden, sprich mit dem Künstler und erlebe die Lebenskraft unterstützende Wirkung, die diese hilfreichen Objekte spenden.

Suchst du nach dem perfekten Geschenk für Freunde oder dich selbst? Bist du interessiert an spiritueller Kunst? Machst du dir Sorgen über Energieverschmutzung durch Wi-Fi, Computer oder elektronische Geräte? Hast du keine Idee was Orgon ist und wie die Objekte helfen können, die Umgebung rein zu halten?

Lass uns einfach wissen, wann du planst, vorbei zu kommen, bringe Freunde mit und genieße eine leckere vegane Suppe, Brot und Tee.

Für mehr Informationen über Orgon-Kunst, siehe:


Once when Sifu Christopher Matsuo took the Dragon Gate Sanctuary Internal Martial Arts group to the Honolulu

Academy of Arts with Heide Mitsuoka Sensei.  We visited an exhibition of energetic / energy-filled Art from Temples in Japan.  It made a huge impression on me, scanning and being in the presence of paintings that had so much power.  Hundreds of years after the artist has passed on, the art still vibrates with cosmic energy.


That encounter opened my mind and curiosity to discover how to create living energy fields that raise the vibration of the space they are in and those who approach them.

In this blog we will talk about a lot of things; orgonite, Mikkyo grid / personal energy projection, Reiki, solffagic frequencies, effects of crystals and stones in art, many, many things.  All with the focus of creating energetic art that looks as pleasing to the eye as it feels to your soul.


I decided to host a DIY Orgonite Workshop + Mikkyo.  You can see the FB Event here.  In the workshop we will be covering things like;  What makes energetic art, why layering is important, solffagic frequencies and
how we use them, energetic testing methods, sacred symbols, their effect, and more……  I am not attached to the term “Orgonite” and the work of Dr. Wilhem Reich and others is where my concept of layering the materials came from.  The reason that there is a “+ Mikkyo” in the event title, is that my goal is to awaken people to their power and ability to improve and control the energetic field in their living spaces.  In my experience, one of the best ways to do that is through Mikkyo.  You can see definitions for Mikkyo here and check out the next Mikkyo class here.

Here are some photos from the März 11 DIY, and we will post photos of the created art when it is ready…!

In replying to Bodo’s question about Kubera’s Yantra, I was referring to this;

It is a numerical Yantra that adds up to 72 in every direction and is named after the Hindu God of Wealth, Kubera.  The arrangement of the numbers corresponds to the Taoist “9 Palaces” and whole books have been written concerning the deeper meanings of the numbers and their arrangement.  We use the yantra in energetic art to program the energy coming out to a higher frequency of abundance.  The universe is abundant and there is enough for everyone to share.  This yantra opens us up to that reality.

Für die deutsch sprechenden Leute…

Orgone, auch bekannt als „Chi, Prana, the Force“….
Jedes Stück Orgonkunst wird aus ab-wechselnden Schichten organischer und metallischer Stoffe hergestellt, die in einer bestimmten Art und Weise zusammengebracht werden, um schädliche IMF Energien aus der Umwelt herauszunehmen und in Lebenskraft unterstützende Energien umzuwandeln. Dem Orgon hinzugefügt werden Halbedelsteine und Kristalle, die die freigesetzte Frequenz in heilender Art und Weise programmieren.

Das Acryl presst sich um die Steine und Kristalle und erzeugt einen piezo-elektrischen Effekt, während es die Eigenschaften der Kristalle erhöht. Außerdem wird jedes Stück mit Chants oder solfaggischen Frequenzen programmiert, während das Acryl hart wird, um die umgewandelten Frequenzmuster zu solchen der Heilung und Transformation zu formen.
Außerdem wird Heilige Geometrie in der Orgonkunst genutzt; die Energiefrequenz des Symbols schwingt aus dem eingeschlossenen Symbol heraus und transformiert die Energie im Raum zu der Energie des Symbols.

15 März 2017
We will be getting into the energetic part of the Art soon. Now I would like to start with the basic information that a beginner in Berlin at making Orgonite / Energetic Art will want to know. First off, since the two-part plastic matrix that holds your creation is important, let’s start there. I have experience with several different types of Epoxy. What you are looking for is a matrix that is crystal clear when hard, and easy to work with.
Safety- always wear gloves and make sure you have good ventilation and breathing protection.

Resinpal 1707 is a polyester resin that uses a MPEK hardener. There are two reasons I prefer not to use this, first is the strong chemical smell and the second is the resin to hardener ratio is 100 parts to 1.5-2 parts hardener. If you are using 45 grams of resin, how much hardener do you need? I have miscalculated before, and the entire pot of resin set up in about 2 minutes, got very hot and was useless. If you choose to use 1707, you will need something like a jewelry scale with a syringe to get the amount of hardener just right. 1707 also set up brittle or a little too hard for what I am making.

Resinpal 2301 is an Epoxidharz (standard Epoxy Resin). The resin to hardener ratio is 2 to 1 by weight, so that is easy to figure with a kitchen scale. While the smell is nowhere near as strong as 1707, you still want to wear breathing protection, have an open window, and have good ventilation.
Both products are available at fiberglasdiscount in Germany.

We also used another type of Epoxy during the DIY Orgonite Art Workshop 11 März. It is called Gede from Pebeo.
Gede is crystal clear, dries in 24 hours, and seems to be the same as the Resinpal 2301. I bought it in Berlin at Modular, Moritzplatz. Gede is more expensive than 2301 but seems to be every bit as good.
JUST TO BE CLEAR. This is not a complete list or description of the materials mentioned. I covered what I have experience with and what works for me. We will be covering details about drilling, sanding, and working with the Resin in future posts.

We got to host a spontaneous DIY Orgonite Art day 18 März 2017
… the was so much creativity, sharing, fun, and dense energy …. here are a few photos of the fun…

Some of the Energetic Symbols used in the workshop included;

And here are some photos of the Orgonite Energetic Art as it comes out of the forms…

During the 25 März 2017 Mikkyo class we got more Orgonite Art out of the forms…. see for yourself!

What was a pleasant surprise for me was how much energy the DIY Orgonite Art held for a first attempt…! Amazing..
Custom Energetic Art

The first custom-made piece was finished and delivered last week.. I was pleased with how the “Double Flower of Life” developed and turned out.  I designed the base to work together with a Quartz Pyramid that fit on top.  The base was strong Yin energy and the crystal pyramid was also Yin.  However, when both are put together, they are more than double the energy and Yang.  We took the pyramids to a local park and the client had her own crystal skull that fits right on top of the base…. how convenient is that?    Of course, the energy of the Skull and base together was much different….

DIY 29 April 2017

FB Event

DIY Energetic Art Workshop
Diese Klasse ist auf Englisch und Deutsch…

The event photo displays work from the previous DIY Orgonite Art Workshops.
This entry level workshop is for people who would like to make their own Orgonite Pyramid Converter and Pendulum.
Why is this important? The Orgonite Converter is an inexpensive way to convert the low frequency energy emitted by WiFi, Microwave ovens and other sources into higher, life supporting energy.
Watch a video about Energy Converters 
What will you do in this workshop? You will make your own 7cm X 7cm Orgonite Pyramid Converter (1) and Orgonite Pendant (1).
These are yours to keep and included in the cost of the workshop.You will learn about ways to construct Orgonite Converters and Pendants to build in the ability to convert surrounding energy from negative to positive. You will learn about Mikkyo and how to use it in programming your Orgonite Art and environment. You will learn about Solfaggic frequencies, where to find them and how to use them and how to create the “Pizeo-electric” effect in your Orgonite Art. We will also cover Sacred Geometry and how to build it into your Orgonite Art. We will talk about Dr. Wilhelm Reich and his discovery of Orgone and the layering effect benefit, Dr. Bruce Lipton and the power of intent, Dr. Imoto and the programing of liquids with sound vibrations. In short, you will learn how to send as much high frequency energy into your Orgonite Art as a beginner can. We will talk about how to avoid costly mistakes when making Orgonite Art and how to get started quickly without a lot of investment. We will also cover sourcing; where in Berlin to find and buy inexpensive crystals and rocks, where to locally find high energy organic materials and where to find the best price on the internet.What is included in the workshop? All necessary materials and detailed workbook. Supplied will be the; Acrylic matrix to hold your creation, forms to create the converters and pendants, Quartz Crystals, Rose Quartz Crystals, Sugilite (limited amount), Lapis Lazuli, green Fluorite/Fluorspar stone, Amber stone powder, powerful sand from volcanic islands, other organic materials gathered from high places from Berlin, Brandenburg and around the world. Steel, copper, bronze discs to use in the pendants and converters. We will have some black Sacred Symbols of the correct size to fit into your Orgonite art. Also included is a soup, bread and tea lunch. Please note; you are welcome to bring ANY material or symbol of your choosing and 4.5 cm in diameter (or smaller) to fit into a converter and 3.5 cm to fit into a pendant. Please contact Michael directly for details.Time will be 10:00 -17:00.
Again we will each make 1 pendant and one 7cm X 7cm pyramid.Cost will be: €85 if the DIY is taken alone.When the DIY is taken with a Mikkyo class, DIY = €70 & Mikkyo = €60 or €130 together, to be paid at the DIY class… Mikkyo will be scheduled later than the DIY……Have you already has taken Mikkyo? then DIY = €75Please contact Michael directly if you have already taken the Mikkyo class. Pouring your personal, positive energy into your Art is an important part of the class.
Class size is limited to 6.
We look forward to a loving and high vibrational gathering and sharing.
Weekend update, 23 May 2017

Pleased to announce the next DIY Orgonite Energetic Art Workshop in Berlin at WerderStr. 18, Tempelhof 12105 a short walk from the U6 UllsteinStr. Bahnhof.

Starts at 10:00 and goes till 16:00, tasty lunch included!  See more details at the FB Event Page!


Orgonite Energetic Art DIY Workshop

Sunday, Sept 24th, 11:00 am to 5 pm.  Yummy lunch and all materials included.

In this workshop, we are exploring how to blend energy into clothing.  We will explore ways to “supercharge” a piece of clothing.  In addition, we will make one Orgonite Pyramid, 7 cm square at the base, and one pendant.

Details can be seen on the FB Event Page ……


Orgonite Energetic Art DIY Workshop

Saturday, Sept 21th, 11:00 am to 5pm.

Yummy lunch and all materials included.

In this workshop, we are exploring how to blend energy into clothing.  We will explore ways to “supercharge” a piece of clothing.  In addition, we will make one Orgonite Pyramid, 7 cm square at the base, and one pendant.

Details can be seen on the FB Event Page ……