Organic Orgonite EMF Converters


Organic Converters


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Organic Orgonite EMF Converters

These devices have many different names on the internet; “Tower Busters”, EMF converters.. u.s.w.    What I have done is to take Dr. Reich’s idea of alternating layers of organic and metal to clear EMF environmental pollution and used as much local sourced material as I could. The shells & sand in the bottom are from a beach near a Ley line in the Ostsee, Norddeutschland.  Also from that area is a flint stone in the top of one of the Converters.  Another organic layer is made up of rose flower petals that we grew ourselves and the other organic layer is bamboo wood.  The metal is from Germany.  The result is a device that takes in EMF energy from WiFi and other electric energy pollution in your environment and converts it into a soft feeling energy that is healthy to have around.

6.2cm diameter at the base and 5.0cm at the top, 2.5cm high.

25@ each or set of 5 for 115€