Natural Ohm


The Natural Ohm, made of German Birch bark from the crossing of 2 ley lines, brings
a soft, flexible, and naturally High-vibration into your living environment.
Each piece is a unique piece of art, measuring approximately 7 cm square at the base
and approximately 4 cm high.

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The Natural Ohm

The Natural Ohm consists of a top sacred Ohm symbol and another Ohm on the
front. Directly beneath is a layer of German Birch bark from the crossing of
two ley lines brings an energy of flexibility and sweetness (xylitol).
Next, we have a layer of Quartz crystals bringing in a high frequency, clearing
energy. Beneath is a layer of stainless steel, with another layer of Quartz crystals and a stainless steel spiral beneath that.
Next, we have a double crescent of sand, one white with a ball of black coral at the end and the other black sand with a white pearl at the end. The black sand is from the volcanic crater on the island of Sao Miguel in the Azores, and the white sand is from the beach at Sacrower See.