at the cross, palms upField trips

Care to join us as we travel across Germany and connect with the land and the energies we find?

Do you know of any places that need clearing?

Then contact Michael or write an E-Mail to kontakt (at)


Learn Mikkyo

Training for the entry level Mikkyo work can be found on the Udemy website under: “Intro to Mikkyo, the Secret Teachings.”

We apply Mikkyo techniques to connect to the land and, when needed, open pathways to the light for stuck energies and spirits of the dead who need help to move on.



It is also possible to support our work with donations. Clearing the land of human generated trauma caused by war, murder and suffering lightens up the experience of being in this land for everyone.
You can help!

Please send all donations to:

Michael Goddard
Kontonummer: 803 697 116
IBAN:  DE13 1001 0010 0803 6971 16