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Der Druidenhain                              Juli 2018                                                            Der Druidenhain liegt in 458 m Höhe auf der Hochfläche der Fränkischen Schweiz.  Bekannt geworden ist er wegen der zahlreichen strukturiert ausgerichteten Steinblöcke.  Wir besuchen den Druidenhain in July 2018.



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Starting Friday, Dec 8th, we will host a series of “mini-open house” for Orgonite Energetic Art at WerderStr. 18, Tempelhof near the U6 UllsteinStr. Bahnhof in Berlin.
From 17:00 to 20:00 come by for a tea and choose the perfect Christmas present for yourself or a loved one.
Just send us a note or PM to let us know you are planning to come by.
The “OrgoNITES” will be Fridays Dec. 8th and 15th.

Come by for some seasonal cheer!
Am 8. Dezember geht´s weiter mit unserer Miniserie von “Open Houses”, die wir jeden Freitag vor Weihnachten in der Werderstraße 18 in Tempelhof, in der Nähe der U-Bahnstation U 6 Ullsteinstraße veranstalten.
Komme vorbei, zwischen 17 Uhr und 20 Uhr auf einen Tee. Finde das perfekte Weihnachtsgeschenk für Dich selbst oder Deine Lieben.
Schicke uns einfach eine pm und lasse uns wissen, wann Du vorbei kommen möchtest.
Die “OrgoNITES” finden statt an den Freitagen, 8. und 15.Dezember.

Orgonite Energetic Art Open House,

WerderStr. 18, Tempelhof 12105 Berlin-                                                                                        near U6 Ullsteine Bahnhof.  Sonntag 26 Nov. 14:00-19:00.  Come by to see and handle the Energetic Art, tour the Werkstatt, enjoy snacks, tea, wine and good conversation.            FB Event

Orgonite Devices, Sacred Symbols, Yantras and Reiki Jump down

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There is a lot of information available concerning Orgone Energy and Orgonite Devices on the internet and in print.  Orgonite is the name used to refer to the objects made to collect, store and broadcast Orgone Energy.  Orgone Energy is the Primordial Cosmic Energy, present everywhere and visually demonstrable by means of Geiger-Mueller counters.  Orgone Energy was discovered by Dr. Reich between 1936 to 1940.

The short version of the story goes as follows:

Dr. Reich discovers that there is a measurable life force separate and different from magnetism and electricity.  He names this life force “Orgone” because the energy can charge (add healthy, positive energy to) organic things (like people and plants.)  His experiments demonstrated that organic materials–such as water, cotton, wool, sand, glass, plastic–attract, absorb, and hold the Orgone Energy. Metallic materials –like steel and iron–pull the energy in and quickly reflect it in both directions. The more layers, the stronger the concentration of Orgone.  On the basis of these findings, Reich constructed boxes with alternating layers of organic and metallic materials.

Why Orgonite / Energetic Devices are important to us

Further research (after Dr. Reich died) showed that using the alternating layers of organic and metallic materials along with crystals naturally converted the lower frequency energies into healthier, higher frequency energies and will “broadcast” the healthy energy into the immediate environment.  Orgonite Devices are important to us because humans produce a lot of environmental energy pollution.  WiFi, Handys /Cell Phones, microwave ovens, Televisions, all these devices broadcast energies into us that are not good for the operating frequency of the cells of our bodies.

Orgonite Devices, Sacred Symbols, Yantras and Reiki

It has also been found that combining an Orgonite device with sacred geometry, Reiki symbols or Yantras can take harmful, low frequency energies, convert them and broadcast the higher vibration energy of the symbol or Yantra into your environment.


The information contained in this website, including the use of the name 'orgonite'that is trademarked by Karl Welz, is for general information and educational purposes only, and is provided 'as is'       without warranty of any kind. We do not offer any guarantees for any particular effects facilitated  by our devices nor do we make any scientific claims.

This site is also provided as a good faith effort to expand the use of orgonite in the world, and the information is not intended as medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.  You are required to take    complete responsibility for your own physical well-being, so please consult with your health care    practitioner if you are ill or feel the need.

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