DIY Orgonite Energetic Art Workshop

22 July, Saturday, Werder Str Tempelhof 12105 Berlin.             10:00 – 16:00

This entry level workshop is for people who would like to make their own Orgonite Converter and Pendulum.
Why is this important? The Orgonite Converter is an inexpensive way to convert the low frequency energy emitted by WiFi, Microwave ovens and other sources into higher, life supporting energy. More about this below.
What will you do in this workshop? You will make your own Orgonite Converter (1) and Orgonite Pendant (1). These are yours to keep and included in the cost of the workshop. You will learn about ways to construct Orgonite Converters and Pendants to build in the ability to convert surrounding energy from negative to positive. You will learn about Mikkyo and how to use it in programming your Orgonite Art and environment. You will learn about Solfaggic frequencies, where to find them and how to use them and how to create the “Pizeo-electric” effect in your Orgonite Art. We will also cover Sacred Geometry and how to build it into your Orgonite Art. We will talk about Dr. Wilhelm Reich and his discovery of Orgone and the layering effect benefit, Dr. Bruce Lipton and the power of intent, Dr. Imoto and the programing of liquids with sound vibrations. In short, you will learn how to send as much high frequency energy into your Orgonite Art as a beginner can. We will talk about how to avoid costly mistakes when making Orgonite Art and how to get started quickly without a lot of investment. We will also cover sourcing; where in Berlin to find and buy inexpensive crystals and rocks, where to locally find high energy organic materials and where to find the best price on the internet.
What is included in the workshop? All necessary materials and detailed workbook. Supplied will be the; Acrylic matrix to hold your creation, forms to create the converters and pendants, Quartz Crystals, Rose Quartz Crystals, Lapis Lazuli, green Fluorite/Fluorspar stone, Amber stone powder, powerful sand from volcanic islands, other organic materials gathered from high-energy places from Berlin, Brandenburg and around the world. Steel, copper, bronze discs to use in the pendants and converters. We will have some black & white folio of Sacred Symbols of the correct size to fit into your Orgonite art. Also included is a soup, bread and tea lunch. Please note; you are welcome to bring ANY material or symbol of your choosing and 4.5 cm in diameter (or smaller) to fit into a converter and 3.5 cm to fit into a pendant. Please contact Michael directly for details.
Workshop cost is €85, lunch included.

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Orgonite Energetic Art Open House

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You are invited to come to WerderStr. 18, Tempelhof, 12105
Berlin Saturday 27 May between 12:00 noon and 16:00 to
learn about Orgonite devices, tour the workshop to see how
they are made, speak with the Artist, and experience the life supporting power these sustainable devices give off.

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a friend or yourself? Are you interested inspiritual art? Are you concerned about energy pollution from WiFi, computers and other electrical devices? Do youhave no idea what Orgonite is and how
an Orgonite Device can help keep your environment clean?

Just let us know when you plan to drop by, bring a friend and enjoy a yummy vegan soup, Brot & Tea.
For more information about the Orgonite Art, please see:
Contact Michael at:
Orgon-Kunst Open House

Du bist eingeladen! Mach dich auf den Weg:
Werderstraße 18,
Samstag, 27, May
12-16 Uhr
Lerne etwas über Orgonobjekte , schau dir an wie sie hergestellt werden, sprich mit dem Künstler und erlebe die Lebenskraft unterstützende Wirkung, die diese hilfreichen Objekte spenden.

Suchst du nach dem perfekten Geschenk für Freunde oder dich selbst? Bist du interessiert an spiritueller Kunst? Machst du dir Sorgen über Energieverschmutzung durch Wi-Fi, Computer oder elektronische Geräte? Hast du keine Idee was Orgon ist und wie die Objekte helfen können, die Umgebung rein zu halten?

Lass uns einfach wissen, wann du planst, vorbei zu kommen, bringe Freunde mit und genieße eine leckere vegane Suppe, Brot und Tee.

Für mehr Informationen über Orgon-Kunst, siehe:
Contact Michael at:



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