Mikkyo, the Secret Teachings

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Here we discuss Mikkyo, the secret teachings…. Which we have brought out of the Tempel ….

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Mikkyo uses Mudras, Mantas and Mandalas to clear, energize and connect the chakras, meridians and energetic field. Enter the Blog to get access to the Toh Technique pdf and video. Start energetically protecting yourself today!

Welcome to the “Healing the Land” Project !

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On this blog we will write about our experiences in the frame of the Energie Bewegungs “Healing the Land” Projects. Here’s the short summary what this is about: Das Energie Bewegungs Projekt is an exercise in applied spirituality being carried out by Michael Goddard and his students. They study and connect to energetic places in Germany and apply changes where necessary to heal the land using Hawaiian and Taoist techniques. ‘To heal the land’ means to … Continued